Discover Portalball

The world's first augmented reality sci-fi baseball game

  • Wood Bat

    Wooden Bat

    It’s a free wooden bat that you
    can hit things with!

  • Spiked Bat

    Spiked Bat

    If Genghis Khan played,
    this would be his favorite bat.

  • Ice Bat

    Ice Bat

    The cane of yeti was discovered in 1921
    by Harold Raeburn.

  • Lava Bat

    Lava Bat

    Previously a drinking straw by an ancient race
    of giant sun dwelling aliens.

  • Magnetic Bat

    Magnetic Bat

    Studies show that prolonged use
    may destroy your phone’s screen.

  • Mechanical Bat

    Mechanical Bat

    Originally sold on the black market
    for jimmying high security bank safes.

  • Warhead Bat

    Warhead Bat

    You’ve never heard of this bat.
    You’ve never seen this bat.

  • BaseBall


    The baseball: the trademark of America’s favorite pastime.

  • SnowBall

    Snow Ball

    The snow ball is actually an ultra heavy condensed mass of neutrinos.

  • SandBall

    Sand Ball

    The sand ball is the core of a fire ball.

  • SteelBall

    Steel Ball

    The reserve currency of the intergalactic monetary fund.

  • FireBall

    Fire Ball

    No ball game would be complete without a blistering red hot fireball!

  • ElectricBall

    Electric Ball

    The accolades of this ball are quite shocking.

  • AtomBall

    Atom Ball

    All balls are comprised of atom balls. But you already knew that, right?

Rank Up

  • Rookie
  • Pro
  • Gold
  • Allstar


  • Tap and swipe your way towards victory.
  • Play with friends and earn powerful equipment.


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Latest News

  • New Update!

    Wednesday February 17th 2016


    Our scientists in the PORTALBALL lab have been hard at work figuring out what would make the game more thrilling. We’ve just released the answer! The newest update of PORTALBALL includes new features like AI opponents to play against in the AutoMatch portal, and distracting your opponent by sending taunts their way when they’re at bat.

    If you haven’t downloaded the game yet, get it now on the App Store or Google Play

  • Halloween Update!

    Monday October 19th 2015


    We’ve been developing a scary treat for all you PORTALBALLers. New features have been brewing and now are live for your enjoyment. Launch the new Halloween edition PORTALBALL and play with Zombie Body parts, Flying Bats, Witches’ Brooms and Evil Pumpkins. Be sure to record and share your devilish game play in our new Community PORTAL. Unlock all of this horror by using promo code HALLOWEEN15 in the “Special” PORTAL. Happy Halloween!

    If you haven’t downloaded the game yet, get it now on the App Store or Google Play

  • App Launch in Times Square

    Wednesday August 5th 2015


    The PORTALBALL app will be launching at Modell’s Sporting Goods in Times Square on Wednesday, August 5th between 12PM-1PM.

    Meet Joe Girardi as Appetizer Mobile launches PORTALBALL, the first ever augmented reality sci-fi baseball game. The first 100 fans attending the event will receive a Joe Girardi autographed PORTALBALL thunderstick, courtesy of Appetizer Mobile.


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